icone 2014/05/26: Tax Credit Approval by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research
The Cabinet received the Tax Credit Approval by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for the year 2014, 2015 and 2016.
icone 2013/12/01: Partnership agreement with MycAgro Lab
This laboratory is dedicated to analyse the beneficial microflora of your soils and growing media (mycorhiza...)
MycAgro Lab's web site
icone 2013/02/14: SNHF conference
Lecturer at the Paris conference organized by the « Société Nationale d’Horticulture de France » about « Roots' country ».
Publication about « Air pruning of root systems in biodegradable pots ».
Download the article (in French)
icone 2013/02/08: Membership to Vegepolys
Vegepolys is an international cluster for sustainable plant.
Vegepolys Web site
icone 2013/01/16: SIVAL trade show conference
Lecturer at the conference organized in Angers by SIVAL and Vegepolys about « Mycorhiza's production and usage in agriculture ».
Conference's agenda
icone 2012/09/19: AQUIFLOR Eco Innovation 2012
The AQUIFLOR award in the Material category goes to Fertil for its peat free Fertilpot PF. The research program on Fertilpot PF lasted for two years and our consulting firm has been proudly involved in its achievement. This is a first win for this innovation which should become a great commercial success.
See the article from 'Lien Horticole' (in French)
icone 2011/12/15: Approval of the French Ministry of Research
Cabinet d’agroconsultant Marc Miquel received the approval from the French Ministry of Research as an independent expert in agronomy.
icone 2011/10/10: Presentation to the press of the booklet about the use of green waste compost from SICOVAD
The SICOVAD asked us to write a booklet about green waste compost from the platform of Epinal Razimont. This document is delivered to customers of the site and especially to individuals who buy compost in bags or in bulk for their gardens when potting or planting. This is a great innovative approach at a regional scale.
See the article from the news paper “Vosges Matin” (in French language)
icone 2011/08/31: Creation of website www.agroconsultant.fr
The website of the Cabinet d'Agroconsultant Marc Miquel is a showcase of all our activities. It aims to communicate the services we offer and the projects we are involved in when they are not confidential.
2011/07/31: Creation of a calculation software for soil fertility and crop nutrient solution
2011/07 : Work on nutrient solutions in arid environment
2011/06 : Participation in writing an article about Compost and Mycorrhiza for the “Horticulture & Paysage” magazine
2011/05/31: Writing of a brochure for general public about composts and their uses in garden financed by ADEME
2011/05 : Preliminary studies for homologation of an organic soil conditioner
2011/03 : Management of a survey conducted by “Agrocampus Ouest” master’s students on the receptiveness of the wine industry in the mycorrhization of vines
2011/02/15: Visit to the Salon du Végétal (Angers)
2011/02/14: Publication of a brochure presenting the Cabinet d’agroconsultant Marc Miquel
2011/01 : Development of a practical Guide: field & greenhouse analysis (French & English)
2011/01/12: Visit to the SIVAL exhibition (Angers)
2010/10 : Private orchard design and plantation
2010/10/05: Ukraine : Ukraine - nutrient solutions and soluble fertilizers conference in English language
2010/09 : Update of a personal software for calculation of nutrient solutions to use with straight and ternary fertilizers
2010/08 : Establishment of a partnership with the Cabinet Midi Agroconsultant / Michel Malet
2010/08/02: Creation of the Cabinet d'agroconsultant Marc Miquel